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Rearview Mirror Adapter For all BMW Z3 and ///M Roadsters (Both Roadsters and Coupes)
Gary’s Mirror Adapters
Notice how the stock BMW oval mirror blocks out the truck. This typically happens when you are stopped at an intersection. If you are driving a Z3... you know what we are talking about!
It takes only one minute to replace the stock mirror via the adapter. Now you can see the oncoming truck without ducking below the stock mirror!
This photo was taken from an eye level position of the driver. It is not altered to hide the truck... this is the actual view of a 5'11" driver. The oval mirror is my stock 2000 M/Roadster's mirror.
This adapter will allow a new height adjustable mirror to be mounted to the stock BMW windshield mounting lug. I am the owner of a BMW ///M Roadster. It's a great automobile but needs better placement for its rearview mirror. The first time that I sat in the drivers seat, I immediately reached to raise the rearview mirror up higher because it was blocking too much of my forward vision. That was when I discovered that it had a non adjustable mounting stem. The mirror is positioned low enough to create a major "blind" spot that obscures oncoming traffic. The stems on all domestic mirrors have two ball joints, one at the base and another at the mirror end of the stem that allow you to raise or lower the mirrors height, unlike the BMW stem that has only one ball joint at the mirror end. Being a Tool & Die maker, I made an adapter that allows you to install one of these adjustable rearview mirrors to the stock BMW mirror mounting lug . This requires NO modification to your BMW, you can replace your stock mirror in under a minute with no tools. My adapter attaches to the new mirror’s dovetail base and then twists on to your stock BMW windshield cam lock lug... also no tools required! Click here to see a rollover image of how the new mirrors eliminates the blind spot. The new mirror with two ball joints will allow you to position the mirror up higher against the top windshield header, thus eliminating your "blind" spot. An added bonus is that I supply a new mirror that has reading lights built in. These lights are on the bottom surface of the mirror and illuminate the area below the mirror with no direct light in your eyes or face. Now you can read a map at night without having the stock dome lamp shining more in your eyes than on the map. The stock Z3 reading light and its wiring is directly above the mirror. This gives you relatively easy access to the 12 volt supply for the lamps. There are also mirrors available with automatic dimming ( electrochromatic) that can be used with my adapter. The adapters are CNC machined from 6061 aircraft grade solid aluminum bar stock and powder coated with a nearly indestructible black finish. Some, but not all 2001 and newer Z3 mirrors have the remote entry receiver built inside the mirror. You will need to relocate the circuit board that is inside this mirror. Go to this page for instructions.
The adapter moves a new mirror with an adjustable stem higher, no more ducking to look under your rearview mirror.
The adapter attached to the stem of a replacement mirror. This mirror has an adjustable stem with pivot points at both ends which allows positioning the mirror higher and out of your way.