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Gary’s Mirror Adapters
I am going to let my customers do the sales pitch for my adapter, this is a small sampling of comments from owners who have purchased my replacement mirror with adapter. Just a note to let you know that I really like the new rear view mirror that you sent me. No more blind spot and the quality is excellent! The fit an feel is BMW factory all the way! Thanks again for offering such a fine product to us Z3ers. GARY: The mirror and adapter arrived today and it fits perfectly on my 1995 M3 Coupe. The improved forward vision with your small mirror and the high adapter mounting is remarkable. It's a huge improvement well worth the cost. I can hardly wait to try it out under track driving conditions. I'll definitely tell other E36M3 track junkies about your clever adaptation. Wow! What a difference. The comparison graphic on your web site doesn't do justice to the improved driveability. We must subconsciously rely heavily on the peripheral vision which is blocked by the stock mirror. I feel much more comfortable driving the car. Thanks! Just to let you know that your mirror fits and does the job on the M coupe. No problem with the rear window position or shape. Great improvement. Thanks. Installed the new adaptor and mirror in my Z3 and it helps tremendously with front right visibility. Thanks for the good work. I drove my ///M in to work this morning with the new mirror and was VERY happy with my new view of the road! That was the best money I ever spent on that car! Keep up the good work. My mirror and adapter arrived today. I am most pleased. The installation was a snap, the setup is way better. Thanks for engineering a fine product. Your tips to take it off were perfect and I replaced the mirror on my 98 M roadster in about 10 seconds. It looks very professional and it is apparent that you took great pains in creating it. The mirror was even clean as well! I installed your mirror in my Coupe yesterday. Perfect! The fit was excellent, and the view to the right was so much improved, I'd have to call your adapter the best safety feature out there! First of all, thanks for an excellent product. It was a 2 second install and the increased visibility is unbelievable. As a 6'4" person, not having to duck down is a really awesome thing!!! I've received my mirror & adaptor - amazingly quick delivery and excellent service. And it fits my windscreen as though it were a BMW part. The difference in visibility is stunning. I deeply appreciate your ingenuity. The money spent with you on this is value add. I will be recommending your change whenever the opportunity presents. thanks Wow! Got your mirror yesterday and installed in a few minutes today. Great product. You should have testimonials on your site. I just wanted you to know that I got my mirror and put it on immediately (I haven't wired it yet). Piece of cake! "Snap off. Snap on!" I love it. I received the mirror yesterday. Thank you! The difference is amazing. I can't believe that _ _ _ didn't come up with something this simple and functional. I received your mirror, and 2 hours later, it was completely built in. Thanks, and indeed, great to see the traffic coming from the right!! Also all that light I apreciate very much. Ordered Friday, received Monday. Great service, and exactly as advertised. It took longer to get the mirror out of the box than to change it. I'm very happy with the installation, it was a "snap". I just tucked the wire plug above the top swivel, and with the mirror up high you can't see it unless you really look behind the mirror. The visibility is great, and so is the cost savings over OEM. The adapter/mirror arrived yesterday and exceeded all expectations. It works like a charm and I believe that there is a substantial contribution to safety while driving my M Roadster. Hey Gary. Got it today. USPS isn't joking around when they say Priority. Installed it in 27 seconds. It looks fantastic and overcomes the one problem I had with the car. Great product. Great service. Thanks.